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Have you ever blindly entered trades, or had doubts on whether you have done all the necessary studies beforehand? Have you ever been in the position where you thought if you kept a trade open more than required, you'd make more profits? I bet you have also closed trades, and then found out you could have generated more profits. All the mentioned happen quite often to most beginner traders. A huge percentage of traders fail due to the above mentioned scenarios. You're probably wondering how the few successful traders manage.

These successful traders will never share their gold mine secrets with you, and the reason is quite simple; they do not want to share their winnings. I was a beginner myself, and I tried almost every strategy out there, but truth be told, it's not the strategy that makes you a winner. Further down I will mention how to master your trading experience in a way where you will always make a profit after every end of week with very accurate buy trading signals and sell trading signals.

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Luke. I originate from a background of Information Technology and Computer Programming. I also trade in my spare time. I have been doing so in the last 9 years, and have been learning new tricks of the trade ever since. I have tried, and failed most of the time. Sometimes I had good days, but most of the time I was on the other side of things.

For a long time I have been studying how trends work and how to measure and combine indicators to get more accurate results. I learned what support and resistance levels are, and the wonderful thing that the same levels are shadowed in the past if you go back in time. I also learned about momentum and volatility, how price gets over-bought and over-sold, and many more. I will explain how all these work and how to spot them in the charts. I will stop mumbling and lets start from here.

I am assuming that most of you already have a broker account. If not, i would suggest a few to begin with as they offer many benefits and the best trading experience out there. Please be careful and do your homweork before subscribing to any broker. Read comments, find posts on search engines. For those of you who have thrust worthy issues, I strongly suggest the brokers on the right panel of this page. They offer a wide selection of deposits bonuses, and since I will be mentioning tools and indicators, having a few of these broker accounts will come in handy as you can easily follow my tutorials.

I cannot start before I do not mention 2 important points. I will spare only 1 minute explaining them. I will talk about:

  1. What is a trend and
  2. Long term vs short term trading

Those of you who already have a strong understanding of the above and would like to move on, go further down by clicking here.

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