Long term trades vs. Short term trades

Short term trading is when trades are kept open not more than 1 week. Intra-day and intra-week trading is also known as scalping. One of the advantages when using short term trading strategies is the fact that you know at which extent the market will stretch. However, there is alot of noise when trading short term. Long term trading, is also known as investing.

Long term trading is when trades are open for more than a quarter, sometimes years. Profits are achieved at quite a later stage, but the levels are much higher. The suggestion is to consider both, depending on the case you have in front of you.

Long term trades incur less trading fees since the position is open for a long period of time. Long term traders look for companies which have strong backgrounds and have big potential to grow. New companies also open a window of opportunity, however it is less of a risk when trading on companies with a proven track record.

Short term traders look for the perfect trading signals and opportunities to act fast and generate quick profits. Short term traders also refer to long term investments as boring.

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